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The State of Virginia Approves Remote Electronic Notarization

Posted by AYIN International, Inc. on December 30, 2011 at 3:55 AM


What does this mean for the future of notarization! A chance which will afford the Notaries Public of this country to finally have the opportunity to join the rest of the world in taking advantage of the many opportunities offered by the internet. 

In July 2012 all eyes will be on the State of Virginia as it will become the first in the U.S. to offer remote electronic notarization services in accordance with AYIN International, Inc. patented method. 

This milestone in a new era for notarization hopes to establish a model which other states will adopt. Aside from the efficiency factors of saving money, time, additional benefits such as enhanced accountability, convenience, and online service integration are also net effects which both Notaries Public and signers will enjoy.  

AYIN International, Inc. will be offering licensing opportunities as well as rolling a suite of preferred notary transactions (PNT™;) ranging from real estate closing, legal, financing, and government notarizations.

Governor Bob McDonnell, Del. Kathy Byrons, and State Senator John Edwards along with the entire Virginia legislature, and the supporting constituents all deserve kudos, encomiums, and lionizations for their work in bringing Notaries this wonderful opportunity.

It has always been our position at AYIN International, Inc. that Notaries Public are needed on the internet NOW! This legislation will now make this remote electronic notarization a reality.  


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