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New ICE audits target 1,000 firms

Posted by AYIN International, Inc. on June 17, 2011 at 1:40 AM


Immigration Custom Enforcement annonced it will audit 1000 firms. This is in line with the ICE 2010 - 2014 Strategic Plan which specifically identifies as one of the objectives to "Create a Culture of Employer Compliance".


As mandated in the Strategic Plan ICE will:


(1) aggressive criminal and civil enforcement against those employers who knowingly violate the law


(2) continued implementation of programs, such as E-Verify and ICE’s IMAGE program, to help employers comply.


Criminal investigations will increasingly focus on employers who abuse and exploit workers or otherwise engage in egregious conduct.


To support a meaningful civil audit program, ICE will hire additional auditors and centralize some auditing functions.


In this particular round of audits,


Politico's writer Jennifer Epstein sites,


"The agency does not disclose the names of the companies being investigated, but they include large and small businesses in 17 sectors, including agriculture and food, financial services, commercial nuclear reactors, drinking water and water treatment, postal and shipping, health care and transportation."


Companies are notified of an impending audit by receiving a "Notice of Inspection". These Notices of Inspection (NOIs) often request not only I-9 documentation, but payroll records, copies of immigration filings, copies of Social Security Administration communications requesting corrections, information on independent contractors, and related information. All documentation normally must be produced within three business days of the employer’s receiving the Notice.


In February 2011, ICE had investigated 1,000 employers. This latest action continues the upward trend of yearly audits, bringing the number of I-9 audits for fiscal year 2011 to more than 2,300. The agency conducted 2,196 audits in fiscal year 2010 and 1,444 in fiscal year 2009.


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