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Electronic Form I-9 Processing for Remote Hires

Posted by AYIN International, Inc. on May 23, 2011 at 5:18 AM

Since 2006 You Are My Witness™, a division of AYIN International, Inc. has been working on a solution which will enhance the processing of Form I-9 Employee Eligibility Verifications for remote hire employees in this country

Electronic Form I-9 processing is provisioned by USCIS Employer Handbook M-274 as a viable alternative to assist employers and employees in completing Form I-9. Now employees can use certified and trained live Notaries Public as pre-approved designated agents on behalf of their employers on-line and in real-time to assist in the accurate and timely completion of the mandated Form I-9.


Here are the facts.

Between now and 2014, Immigration Custom Enforcement (ICE) will be very aggressive in endeavoring to achieve the following:


“OBJECTIVE 3.2 Create a Culture of Employer Compliance

The opportunity to work in the United States motivates many to seek illegal entry. Therefore, enforcing the immigration-related employment laws is a critical component of border security. To create a culture of compliance among employers, ICE will use the following two-pronged strategy: (1) aggressive criminal and civil enforcement against those employers who knowingly violate the law; and (2) continued implementation of programs, such as E-Verify and ICE’s IMAGE program, to help employers comply. Criminal investigations will increasingly focus on employers who abuse and exploit workers or otherwise engage in egregious conduct. To support a meaningful civil audit program, ICE will hire additional auditors and centralize some auditing functions. Through the “I E-Verify” campaign, ICE will work with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to increase public support for companies that use compliance tools. Finally, ICE will seek better statutory tools to address illegal employment.”


--ICE Strategic Plan: Strategic Priorities for Fiscal Years 2010 - 2014

On April 27, 2011 Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano appeared before U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Homeland Security Appropriations to request a total FY 2011 budget for DHS is $56.3 billion. A total of $103.4M is requested for the E-Verify Program.


Arizona, Utah, Mississippi, Florida, South Carolina, and now the State of Georgia have mandated E-Verify for all employers and contractors in their state.


Currently, congress is considering legislation which will make E-Verify usage the law of the land.


At the core of all of this, and in consideration of all these facts, employers must pay attention to this evolving climate going forward, particularly employers who hire their employees REMOTELY. Why? Because timely completion of your employees Form I-9 can be cumbersome to say the least.


In many instances, employers will direct their remote hire employees to find a Notary Public to assist them in completing the Form I-9. Due to USCIS rule for 3-day section-2 certification completion, many employers have not been able to comply.


Frankly, this is a result of the lack of understanding by employers regarding utilizing Notaries Public. The employee’s inability to find a knowledgeable Notary Public, and the Notaries Public lack of training on how to complete the Form I-9, in addition the time, travel and cost (which can range on average $40 to $60 dollars in fees and gas) involved can be extremely nerve racking.


You Are My Witness™ currently provides certified trained Notaries Public for remote hire Form I-9 processing. Our process is affordable, fast, convenient, and legal. For more information and Form I-9 processing visit

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