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AYIN International, Inc. was established in 2008 as the first company in the U.S. to develop a patented method for commercializing remote electronic notarization. We are sensitive to the Notarization Eco and contrary to some assertion, we do not seek to replace Notaries with technology. Our core philosophy is to maintain the chief principle of a notarial transaction which is a live interactive appearance by a signer before a duly sworn Notary Public. To meet this requirement in a virtual environment  as the Internet, our team has developed and assembled the best technology solutions.

Our goal is to empower Notaries with new tools for performing their duly sworn task. In addition because of this revolutionary approach, new opportunities are emerging for Notaries to also assist in non-notarial transactions such as electronic Form I-9 processing and Remote Electronic Identity Proofing.

In November 2010, AYIN International, Inc. launched You Are My Witness. Seven months later in May 2011 we completed our first transaction. Since then, our growth from servicing Fortune 500 companies in remote electronic Form I-9 processing has been phenomenal.

In late 2014 we launched the first commercialized remote video conferencing identity proofing solution Persona Trust. Developed to service the Identity Access Management (IAM) Eco. Persona Trust™ is a Service Division of AYIN International, Inc. is our new Identity as a Service (IAAS) which delivers Remote Electronic Identity Proofing solutions for private, healthcare, financial, and government sectors. AYIN International, Inc. is a SAFE-BioPharma Association/Federal Identity Credential and Access management (FICAM) TFS 2.0 approved Identity Manager Trust Framework component member providing high-assurance identity proofing individuals at NIST levels of assurance 2 & 3 for Internet based transactions.

In addition AYIN International, Inc. has developed a suite of training certifications to support Notary Public and Trusted Agent knowledge, professionalism, and confidence in transacting and properly handling matters of privacy and personal identifiable information. In the future we hope to offer our training certification programs to trade tech and occupational institutions providing a 21st century curriculum add-on within their educational offerings. 

Though there be some who believe technology has not advanced enough to facilitate a notarial transaction online, at AYIN International, Inc. we are dedicated to prove otherwise. Coming soon NOTARY LIVE! The reality is Notaries Public are needed on the Internet and Notaries Public are needed on the Internet NOW!