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AYIN International, Inc.
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A new weapon has emerged to combat against the consequences of indirect fraudulent hiring faux pas. AYIN International, Inc.’s You Are My Witness™ solution will allow companies to meet with a certified YAMW notary public, who will act as designated agent on behalf of that company, in providing assistance to their employees, for the timely and accurate completion of USCIS Form I-9 employee eligibility verification document.

“This is a call to duty for technology capable commissioned Notaries to assist employers in securing a legal workforce”, stated J. Andrew Hatter, Chairman of AYIN International, Inc. Recently USCIS has placed major emphasis on conducting employer worksite audits to reveal improprieties in their hiring practices.

U.S. based companies both big and small have experienced the brunt of these audits.

Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) Strategic Priorities for Fiscal Years 2010 – 2014 includes the following:

OBJECTIVE 3.2 Create a Culture of Employer Compliance

“The opportunity to work in the United States motivates many to seek illegal entry. Therefore, enforcing

the immigration-related employment laws is a critical component of border security. To create a culture

of compliance among employers, ICE will use the following two-pronged strategy: (1) aggressive

criminal and civil enforcement against those employers who knowingly violate the law; and (2)

continued implementation of programs, such as E-Verify and ICE’s IMAGE program, to help employers

comply. Criminal investigations will increasingly focus on employers who abuse and exploit workers or

otherwise engage in egregious conduct. To support a meaningful civil audit program, ICE will hire

additional auditors and centralize some auditing functions. Through the “I E-Verify” campaign, ICE

will work with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to increase public support for

companies that use compliance tools. Finally, ICE will seek better statutory tools to address illegal



Over the next 3 years and beyond, ICE’s commitment to the enforcement of immigration-related employment improprieties will continue plaguing employers who engage in illegal hiring practices. The pain for companies who rely on temporary, contingent or network based workforce has been finding qualified notaries who is willing to act as designated agents on their behalf in providing their employees assist in completing their Form I-9.

AYIN International, Inc. patented solution allows for the performance of this transaction online in real-time via video conferencing. Employees with a computer and 5 megapixel digital webcam may meet with our specially trained and certified notaries and process Form I-9 in a timely, secure and compliant process. With our Forensic Cyber-Footprint™, employers will benefit by having a recording and CC completed Form I-9 for their employee’s verification and certification database.


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